Show and Tell

On Saturday evening the 11th of October, it´s party time at Platoon Kunsthalle with DJs, performances and an exhibition. Conference attendees have entry to the lightning talks of the exhibitors. Doors open to the public from 22:30.


The Name Game Costumes

Audrey Briot

I met Lolo y Lauti, at a festival in Austria. This two Argentina guys are performers. We work together for the Name Game. The met all the people at the festival and tryed to remember their names. They would have a way to see who’s losing: I created these costumes for each one. The Name Game is a song by Shirley Ellis. They made a video of

The Name Game costumes are made for Argentina performers Lolol y Lauti. The Name Game is a song about remembering the name of all the people in the place. During their performance, the costumes showed who the loser was. The principle is easy; the one who first remember the name sing while the other opponent’s costume is inflating, he is losing. The only way not to lose is by singing.

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DIY ArduIMU Data Gloves for Music (2013)

Imogen Heap, Tom Mitchell, Kelly Snook, Seb Madgwick, Adam Stark, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Rachel Freire

Imogen Heap, Tom Mitchell, Kelly Snook, Seb Madgwick, Adam Stark, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Rachel Freire

An Open Hardware pair of datagloves developed as part of the Mi.Mu Goves for Music project. These musical gloves are both an instrument and a controller in effect, designed to connect the user fluidly with gear performers usually use, such as Ableton – think minority report for musicians brought to you by the DIY/maker revolution.

This DIY version of he gloves are made from off-the-shelf parts and documented in step-by-step instructions. Bend sensors in the fingers of the glove and the Arduino Inertial Measurement Unit (ArduIMU) module mounted on the cuff capture movement and gestures of the hand and send this information via Serial communication to a computer. The data is interpreted by the custom software Glover, and forwarded to Music software as Open Sound Control (OSC) messages. The gloves also include an RGB LED light and a vibration motor for visual and haptic feedback, allowing the user to send information back to themselves from the software.

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five functions in wearables

Jussi Mikkonen / Aalto (ARTS)

exhibiting the following pieces:

  • the mp3-hoodie
  • the bag
  • 3d-printed orthopedic shoe
  • something 3d-printed, other than that dress

NOTE-bag:  eTextile strap and interactions.
by: Dongjin Byeon, Lewis Just, Nina Chen, Sami Kiviharju, Jussi Mikkonen (teacher)

The NOTE bag consist of fabric bag with a eTextile interaction elements. The bag can be used to record sounds by opening the zipper in the front pouch, and to play back sounds and music by using the strap. The strap is an user interface done with using a conductive yarn, responding to intentional swipes with fingers, and by squeezing the sides together.

SKOBO: Orthopedic cast shoe for youngsters: combination of 3D-printing, integrated electronics to shoe.
by: Valeriya Azovskaya, Visa Kupias, Jinping Liu, Aino Aarnio-Juurinen, Jussi Mikkonen (teacher)

Children with leg injuries are prone to prolonging the injury, as they do not have the same cognitive capabilities as adults. They do not typically like to wear protective covers, especially in the winter and in bad weather. The orthopedic cast shoe for children was developed to overcome these burdens, to help give feedback on the weight distribution and to be a colorful difference from the existing cast shoes.

MP3-Hoodie: integrated speakers, eTextile interactions (pull cords / open,close hoodie)
by: Silvain Toromanoff, Ayano Senzui, Jussi Mikkonen (teacher)

The musical hoodie is an integrated music listening wearable. It consists of a specially designed fabric, which is used for detecting if the hood is over the head or not. When the hood is over the head, music is played from the integrated loudspeakers. It can be controlled by pulling the hoodie cords, one at a time for next and previous song, and both for pause and play. If the left cord is touched with the right cord for a short time, the volume can be adjusted to desired setting.

Honest signal shoes: to detect and give feedback on the apparent nervousness of the user
by: YounJung Kwak, Tiia Suomalainen, Jussi Mikkonen (teacher)

The shoes employ accelerometers and pressure sensors to detect the apparent nervousness of the wearer. They contain a pattern recognition algorithm for detecting walking, which can be seen as being  separate from the body movements that can be interpreted as a result of nervousness. The user is given feedback via a vibration motor.

3D-printed hand-cover: base for electronics and durable, flexible 3D-print with complex material structure (no electronics though)
by: Jussi Mikkonen, Joona Manner

The arm cover consists of two different materials, printed simultaneously to create one, integrated and flexible unit. The two materials are bonded together at molecular level, due to being constructed using polymers hardened with UV-radiation. The constructed material is designed by mimicking growth patterns exhibited in the nature, in the clubs of certain types of Mantis Shrimp.

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MOON Berlin

Clothes that Dazzle: MOON Berlin combines wearable technology with its premium ready to wear fashion.
An emerging brand under the label MOON Berlin combines wearable technology with fashion and accessories for evening, business, and special occasions. In 2014, the first readyto-wear collection of this premium fashion brand containing wearable technologies was launched internationally. The fashion label is interestingly distinguished due to the subtle electronic lighting effects that are integrated into some parts of the collection, to highlight this innovative endeavor. The light effects can be described as a mixture of being showy, but in a sophisticated way.

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Fraunhofer institut All Shiny Lights
Fraunhofer institut All Shiny Lights
Fraunhofer institut All Shiny Lights
Fraunhofer institut All Shiny Lights

All Shiny Lights textile Display


All Shiny Lights is a textile Display. The system contains not only numerous LEDs but also a highly miniaturized module which enables the user to wirelessly interact with the curtain via a Smartphone with Bluetooth LE capability. By means of sophisticated embroidery and interconnection technologies, the textile character of the curtain is preserved. In its current configuration, the system is capable of ambient illumination and audio visualization.

The miniaturized module (22x22mm²) was especially designed to meet the needs of E-textile developers. Thus, it is programmable with the popular Arduino Software Tools. Since the developer is not bothered with configuring the Bluetooth interface, projects can quickly be realized. Fraunhofer IZM offers also suitable solutions to connect the module to the textile.
The textile was manufactured by ETTLIN Gesellschaft für Spinnerei und Weberei AG.

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UDK Frames Pressure
UDK Frames Flaps Red
UDK Frames Cap


UDK, Design Research Lab | Berlin

The frames show three examples for interactive textile design patterns. Electronics and textiles look and feel different, and they also come with very distinct production techniques. When we translate interactive elements into textiles using textile production techniques such as knitting, weaving or sewing, their shape and assembly also follows a textile logic. Instead of parts, we have patterns.

One frame shows three textile flap switches. When a switch is activated, it turns off one color of a three-color LED. Another frame displays a simple pattern that serves as two separated capacitive surfaces. You can dim on a LED by touching one of the surfaces, and dim off by touching the other. Touching both surfaces will turn off the LED. The third example shows a pressure-sensitive structure. Depending on where you touch the structure, a small speaker will produce a tone that represents the analog value of the sensor.

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Lizzy Scharnofske wearable drummer 01
Lizzy Scharnofske wearable drummer 03
Lizzy Scharnofske wearable drummer 04
Lizzy Scharnofske wearable drummer 02

Lizzy Scharnofske

Body Pads, wearable drum performance

A freaky Robo-Drum-Act, that brings life to electronic music. As a humanized form of a drumset, Lizzy transforms her virtuosic drumming into a magic world of innovative rhythm and sound. Lizzy’s danceable electronic music is full of energetic live beats and deep bass sounds. It’s technique and motion in perfect harmony. She has eight handmade Body Pads sticked on her body, from behind it looks like she has a jetpack on. If she wasn’t connected by wires and Midi Pads she would take off at any moment. Midi Body Pads are sexy, groovy and anarchic. Eat that Lara Croft !

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Moon Hoodie

Vincent Dugast

My name is Vincent Dugast, I work with Maurin Donneaud and Audrey Briot. We develop clothing composed of intelligent and innovative fabric. The first model Moon has a hood whose interior is illuminated by a light fabric. This fabric, divided into 12 bands, is able to vary in intensity and rhythm. This feature allows the user to create multiple animations. To turn on, turn off the light, manage and accelerate animations animations there are 4 fabric buttons in the bag. This project will be a crowdfunding soon. To follow our information in the meantime we have set up a facebook page.

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Denzipfaden, photographer: Michele Pauty, Model: Edgar Retro
Denzipfaden, photographer: Michele Pauty, Model: Edgar Retro



DENZIPFADEN is a high fashion technology men’s outfit, created by fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra and electronic composer/producer Beorn Lebenstedt aka Newk, that functions as a music controller.
This atmospheric, junglelistic and dark men’s outfit that allows you to change the volume of your music and add samples -or anything else that you might do with a midi-controller- by pulling on the six golden zippers on the suit and a bracelet.
The top of the suit, that contains the technology, is completely handcrafted out of golden silk/polyester wires.

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Maartje Dijkstra


Maartje Dijkstra is a fashion designer based in Rotterdam the Netherlands.
Her work is designed with a melancholic and progressive vision, that allows her to create sculptural, spherical, handcrafted and individualistic fashion. Also loud electronic music and nature, are big inspiration sources for her. After making 3 fashion collections she will now focus more on creating individual fashion technology outfits, that allows her to collaborate more with artist from other disciplines and to develop the inner concept designer in her. The first fashion technology piece was the’ Intimacy 0.1′ dress. After that she designed Denzipfaden, a music controller suit, Obstruction and a new prototype piece ‘Hard Core Vein 2.0- a high fashion outfit that combines fashion, music, illustrations and technology. This piece is made possible by the Creative industries fund NL.

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rebecca halls

Rebecca Halls

Laser Hula Hoop Dance Performace, more information coming soon.

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René Bohne


Meet René Bohne, the author of the Book “Making things wearable” which was published at O’Reilly press. He is a research assistant at the Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University. His research combines Wearables and 3D-printing. He is the manager of FabLab Aachen, the first FabLab in Germany. René will present the LumiNet jacket – an organic illumination network – that uses programming by infection, a distributed bootloader that spreads new code like a virus.

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Sound Reactive LED Dress Workshop Mika-Satomi jenny´s playlist
Sound Reactive LED Dress Workshop Mika-Satomi jenny´s playlist
Sound Reactive LED Dress Workshop Mika-Satomi jenny´s playlist
Sound Reactive LED Dress Workshop Mika-Satomi jenny´s playlist

Jenny’s Playlist

Performance Band

Wearing interactive Polygonal 3D structures handmade by Mika Satomi from Kobanakt, Jennys Playlist will lead us lead us through a accustic journey.

Jenny’s Playlist is:
Fump a.k.a. Denni Pfeiffer (Berlin)
AntekZzz°:… a.k.a. Charles Fabrice (Montréal)

2 share their files to find their musical conclusion. At least they call it “Jennysplaylist”. But wtf. Lets find the Jenny in us! So keep on moving and shaking!!

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bauhaus uni weimar interactive costumes el wire work
bauhaus uni weimar interactive costumes all
bauhaus uni weimar interactive costumes lights
bauhaus uni weimar interactive costumes el wire
bauhaus uni weimar interactive costumes krake

Interactive Costumes – E-textiles made for the Stage


Theatre is one of the oldest entertainment formats of humankind. Nowadays the evolving potential of e-textiles and wearable computing is a growing topic in different areas. Computational clothing can already be found in several application fields like health care, the gaming industry, or performance arts.  Nevertheless, the amount of projects that make use of interactive costumes at theater stages is still rarely.
How could interactive costumes for stages look and function like? The HCI Group explores that topic at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. In summer 2014, Students of Computer Science & Media, Product Design and Media Art & Design worked collaborative for a project and developed interactive costumes for theatre stages. They chose the story Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea by Jules Verne for their costume ideas and finally created the costumes of Captain Nemo, the Diving Suit of the Nautilus Crew, and the Octopus Sea Creature.

Project Idea: Michaela Honauer, Eva Hornecker, Creators: Wiebke Müller, Theresa Rückert, Susann Luge, Sebastian Gottschlich, Marco Schmandt, Malik Al-hallak, Henriette Abitz, Hasibullah Sahibzada, Goekcen Dilek Acay, Photos: Marko Schmidt, Jena, Funding: Frauenförderfonds Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

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metamind brainwave scanner portrait
metamind brainwave scanner tech
metamind brainwave scanner girl
metamind brainwave scanner studio

Brain Computer Interface by & MeTaVoLuTioN


MeTaVoLuTioN flickr facebook


Open-Bci claim themselves the inventors of innovative low-cost high-quality hardware and software system, involving brain-computer-interface technology, innovative human-machine interaction, modern machine learning and clustering, using maximum open-source and open-design, for use in citizen science, art, music, meditation, quantified self, wearable technology. Word? Word!

More informations coming soon

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sjoerd van der sanden Bombai
sjoerd van der sanden
sjoerd van der sanden keller

Sjoerd van der Sanden

Performance Artist

Sjoerd van der Sanden is a live performer, producer and DJ of electronic music. After years of playing drums in several electronic/indie bands and a side step into contemporary music, he now dedicates his musical energies to the electronic music scene.As a graduated composer and performer, specialized in sound design, he produces his own minimal/techno, sound design and beats.He has developed several software and hardware solutions for musicians, including for his own live act as Jozak Sander.
His vision is that a performer should be able to control his Instrument’ in an intuitive way – with minimized dependence on knobs and faders in order to transcend to true sensual expression.

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feel the beat
feel the beat
feel the beat

feel the beat


Every day millions of people struggle to follow the beat. This startup company set out to fix this. feelthebeat was created by five passionate musicians. Their mission: Help the world to develop a sense of rhythm. That’s why they created a wearable metronome that vibrates in sync to the beat. From now on musicians, dancers and DJs can focus on what’s most important and most fun: Performing their art. Meanwhile, the beat comes to them naturally and subconsciously through vibrations, just like that! feelthebeat can be connected via bluetooth to any smartphone or tablet. With the feelthebeat app the device can be configured.

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