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becky stewart Solo Disco Scarf 02
becky stewart Solo Disco Scarf 01
becky stewart Solo Disco Scarf 03

Solo Disco Scarf

Becky Stewart | London

Cost: 60€ Time: 10:00h – 17:00h
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Codasign founder Becky Stewart will lead participants through designing their own audio scarf. You will plug your music player and headphones into the scarf. By interacting with the fabric sensors on the scarf you can then manipulate the music playing through the garment. You will be your own DJ!

We will go through a complete (and quick) design process taking designs from paper to breadboard to sewing machine. This workshop is particularly suited to those that have some experience sewing. No previous electronics experience is needed.

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Sound Reactive LED Bracelet Workshop
Sound Reactive LED Bracelet Workshop
Sound Reactive LED Bracelet Workshop
Sound Reactive LED Bracelet Workshop
Sound Reactive LED Bracelet Workshop

Sound Reactive LED Bracelet Workshop

Morris, Brahm and Hugo from Laydrop Berlin

Cost: 95 € Time: 10:00 h – 17:00 h
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In this one day Workshop we will 3D print a LED Bracelet designed by Marcus Olsson from Sweden, he added a accelerometer to react to motion input. He also made some amazing VU Earrings that use a small Microphone breakout board to react to audio input. We will combine those two projects to create the World first 3D printed jewelery that has not just an amazing glow effect, but also can react to motion/audio Input.

What will you learn:

  • how to use a open source 3D printer from
  • soldering skills for all your future projects
  • arduino programming + sensory communication on microcontroller level
  • how to apply your creativity in combination with sensory data
  • how to have amazing fun with designing technology

by the way, just in case i forgott to mention that

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hannah perner-wilson led segment display workshop
hannah perner-wilson led segment display
Hannah Perner Wilson, segment displays workshop, wearable 2

All your segments are belong to me

Hannah Perner-Wilson

Cost: 60 Euro Time: 10:00 h – 17:00 h


What words would you wear? This 1-day workshop aims to put words on wearable technology, providing the wearer with a new platform for writing.

Inspired by the DressCode Workshop approach of celebrating LEDs, rather than shunning them as kitsch or light pollution, and by Trafopop‘s work in making wearable LED displays for animated graphic designs, this workshop seeks to make use of (and maybe also build our own!) illuminated segment displays for personal signage. Making wearable tech that is accessible, personal and meaningful.

Segment Displays are made to display alpha-numeric characters, such as the 7-segment display which can depict the numbers 0-9, and the 16-segment display which can also show all letters of the alphabet. In this workshop I want to experiment with putting words/text/sentences on the body, using commercially available LED segment displays, as well as possibly making some of these displays from scratch ourselves.
This workshop challenges participants to learn a variety of skills from reading datasheets to soldering and programming, to designing wearables and maybe also some sewing. Plus, think about the words you’d like to wear!

The details of this workshop are currently still in progress, but I plan to provide a range of existing segment displays and then either an ATtiny mircocontroller or an arduino to store words and control the segments to display the words. If using the ATtiny we will use charlieplexing to multiply the outputs.

DIY Segment Display!?!

This might be an option for advanced participants or those of you with a strong sense and desire to create your own segment-type. When designing our own segment displays we do not need to stick to the shapes and arrangements of the industry. The individual segments can be any shape, size and colour we want. We can create and design new segmented fonts for displaying text on our own segment displays.

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Wearable no power crystal radio foot
Wearable no power crystal radio hand

Wearable no-­power crystal radio

Monique Mathieu, Christina Dicke and Meik Mense

Cost: 25 € Time: 10:00 h – 14:00 h

course canceled

During the half-day workshop we will construct prototypes of a no-­power crystal radio to be worn on various body parts. The challenge is to create a wearable radio and question how the wearer becomes part of the object and interacts with radio signals in the air. Using a blend of techniques from a DIY and artistic perspective we will combine basic electronics with some sewing, weaving and cable lacing methods. An interesting opportunity to test out experimental radio and sound to be used for a multitude of future projects.

Participants will learn

  • The basic components to build their own crystal radio
  • Sewing and Cable lacing techniques
  • Trouble-shooting skills to improve or adjust sound captured

Learn in an open atmosphere with opportunities for skill-sharing and experimentation and bring home your very own wearable crystal radio!

Watch a little demo video here

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Kati Hyyppae theremine workshop
Kati Hyyppae theremine workshop
Kati Hyyppae theremine workshop

Wearable Phototheremin

Kati Hyyppä

Cost: 60€ Time: 10:00 h – 17:00 h

course canceled
Follow the footsteps of Léon Theremin and make some noise!

The workshop begins with a short introduction to microcontrollers and sensors, after which we will heat up soldering irons and immerse in hands-on building. Each participant gets a little construction kit to make their own phototheremin. The apparatus generates sounds using a photosensor and the brainpower of a minuscule ATtiny microcontroller. In addition to making a small circuit board, everyone invents a wearable interface for their phototheremin using various DIY materials. Enhance your social interactions, upgrade your geek hipster style or create additional senses – it’s up to you!

The workshop is suitable for anyone without prior electronics experience. Since we will be using pre-programmed ATtinys, programming is not part of the workshop, but in case you have already an Arduino and are a 1337 haxxor, feel free to bring your Arduino along and create your own sounds.

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